Director's Diary Entry #1

Not many people would think of Watford as a home for performance art. However, a couple of months ago Watford proved them all wrong.

Spread over 2 weekends, Imagine Watford is an arts festival bursting with live performances of theatre, storytelling, music, dance, circus and more with artists coming from all over the UK and the rest of the world. The best bit…all of the performances were free!!!

I was fortunate enough to see several of the dance performances and I was both amazed and inspired by the fantastic performances and creative choreography – who would have thought bharatanatyam and juggling could work so well?!

What struck me most were the audiences. By bringing dance out of theatres and onto the streets, people who perhaps wouldn’t normally go to see dance got to experience the joys it can bring. The variety of ages, ethnicities, abilities, shapes and sizes, was extraordinary and it proves that dance has the ability to break barriers and bring people together.

Thank You Co-op Members

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A heartfelt and humongous thank you to everyone at the Co-op Community Fund and all those Co-op Members who chose to support Dance Pad.

Director's Diary #6 - Tired But Worth It

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A couple of weeks ago, with the help and support of my friend and Dance Pad trustee, Sarah, I ran my first ever dance workshop for children and my goodness it was exhausting!

Director's Diary #5 - Is My Job Important?

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Is my job important?

The Co-op Way

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We are super chuffed that Dance Pad has been selected for the latest round of the Co-op's Local Community Fund.