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What We Do

Using dance as a catalyst for change we provide homeless individuals with the opportunity to progress beyond homelessness and fulfil their potential.

Through the delivery of dance technique and choreography projects, Dance Pad aims to inspire and empower participants, increase confidence and self-esteem and instil a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Facilitated by enthusiastic and supportive dance professionals, each project is participant led; working as a team they choose the subject matter, choose the music and create the moves.

Using a variety of choreographic tools, participants are encouraged to create short phrases individually and in groups, helping them to transform their thoughts, ideas and emotions into movement. Learning to use their bodies artistically and creatively, dance provides a vehicle for expression that is accessible to everyone.

A unique feature of Dance Pad is the professional development of the participants. As well as creating the pieces and performing them, participants are also involved in costume and stage design, marketing and production. This provides the opportunity to learn new, tangible skills that are transferable into other working environments, thus aiding employment opportunities.

Dance has the ability to awaken and stimulate every nerve in your body making you feel alive and full of positive energy. It has the power to transcend personal circumstance and kick-start a journey forward into a life without limitations.


What We Do

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