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  • Debbie Pellett

Thank You Co-op Members

A heartfelt and humongous thank you to everyone at the Co-op Community Fund and all those Co-op Members who chose to support Dance Pad. Together, you have raised a whopping £3,533.97. This money will allow us to run not 1, but FOUR projects. That is amazing, incredible, wonderful, fantastic, brilliant; we could not be happier!

As a direct result of your support we will be able to run four, 6-week creative dance projects helping those who are homeless by giving them the opportunity and encouragement to develop their creativity whilst building their confidence and self-esteem. As well as providing a platform for self-expression, these projects inspire and empower participants to fulfil their potential, progressing beyond homeless and setting them on a path towards a more positive and stable future.

So now it’s time to start planning! We look forward to keeping you posted and sharing the progress of each project with you.

Thank you.

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