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Director's Diary Entry #2 - The Full Picture

This week I’ve been working on a Communication Strategy; identifying objectives, target audiences, communication platforms and messaging. Communication is something we all do, but as soon as you’re asked to plan that communication; what, when and how, it somehow seems so much more complicated and suddenly becomes “marketing”. Social media plays a massive part in any organisation’s communication strategy; it’s a great way of sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences with a large number of people all over the world and making connections without even meeting people.

Social media is a plethora of words, but it’s the pictures that really grab people’s attention. My photographic skills aren’t great, my mum will testify that I had a habit of cutting off people’s heads – but that was in the days of disposable cameras! Now, armed with a digital camera I shall aim to capture Dance Pad from behind the lens to share with you all and I’ll try my best to give you the full picture…

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