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  • Debbie Pellett

Running for Dance Pad

On Sunday 19th February our friend, supporter and all-round brilliant human, Laura Turner, will be running the Richmond Half Marathon in aid of Dance Pad. I have known Laura for 20 years and can testify that she's no runner, so this is not going to be easy.

For the past 8 weeks Laura has committed herself to a rigorous training programme; running in the type of weather that just makes us want to snuggle under a duvet with a cup of tea and even giving up wine! Her determination, dedication and passion for supporting Dance Pad inspires and encourages us to work even harder to support those who just don’t have duvet to snuggle under.

Unfortunately, Laura has picked up a knee injury which means she hasn’t been able to train as hard as she’d like and will be slightly less prepared come race-day. So now, more than ever, she needs your support to get her over the finish line.

Show your support by donating here.

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